Terms and Conditions

Chadi Limo Company  Terms and Conditions

Cancellation by Us

We reserve the right to cancel the limousine hire contract if:

  • The client doesn’t accept our terms and conditions and/or refuse to make a deposit payment.
  • We do not operate in your area.
  • One or more of the limos you have booked is no longer capable to cover your reservation.

If we do cancel your limo hire contract we will notify you by e-mail or phone and we will re-credit your account with any sum deducted by us from your credit card as soon as possible, but in any event within 30 days of your reservation. We will not be obliged nor obligated to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered or for any changes in your travel plans.

  1. Grace Period: Chadi-limo service strives always to arrive at all pick up points in advance of the times agreed. There may, however, be causes that may from time to time prevent us from meeting these aims such as inclement weather, road traffic accidents, road resurfacing and such like events outside our control. Reasonably therefore we have built into our schedule a period of up to 30 minutes grace. In any event a grace period is invoked in whole or in part. The adjusted times will be made up during or after the period of hire, schedules permitting.
  2. Airport Drop Offs/Pick ups: Full flight details help us provide you with punctual service. We will make reasonable attempts to monitor incoming flight times; however at times, we are unable to access reliable information until shortly before departure or scheduled arrival times. If your flight is delayed, either outbound or inbound you should make contact immediately with our office to notify us so that we can adjust our schedules and re-arrange our chauffeurs. We will endeavour to accommodate delayed flights times, but cannot be held liable should circumstances prevent us from being able to respond to changes.
  3. No Shows: If you fail to show up (No Show) and/or do not notify us of a cancellation, we will charge you for the full price agreed upon in your confirmation/booking. This will be charged to your credit card on file. To avoid a no-show fee please do not leave the airport before calling the office for assistance . The number is: 1-877-742-3975 or 203-751-9443.
  4. Non Airport Wait Time: We are pleased to offer you up to 15 minutes of waiting time on non airport pickups. There will be an additional $20.00 charge for every 15 minutes of waiting time.
  5. Airport Wait Time: Additional charges may be incurred for waiting time for your arriving flights: For Domestic Flights: There is no extra charge for the first 30 minutes after the flight lands. After 30 minutes, there will be an additional charge of $20.00 for every 15 minutes of waiting time. For International Flights: There is no extra charge for the first 60 minutes after the flight lands. After 60 minutes, there will be an additional charge of $20.00 for every 15 minutes of waiting time.
  6. Early Morning: a $10.00 surcharge will be applied to any trip where the pickup occurs between 12:00am and 6:00am and during certain holidays.
  7. Breakdown: In the unlikely event of a break down or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of a collision), we will use our best endeavours to provide a back up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability.
  8. Affiliates: Chadi-Limo service reserves the right to utilize any of our affiliates in order to fulfill some bookings/reservations at certain times. Such utilization of affiliate resources can be but is not limited to using our affiliates’ vehicles and resources such as: chauffeurs, sedans, stretch limousines, super stretches, party buses and passenger vans. Liability in cases of collisions involving the use of affiliates’ vehicles/resources will be handled by the affiliate and their insurance company and will not hold.

Chadi-Limo service responsible in any way, shape or form.

We want you to enjoy your experience with us, these Terms and Conditions have been drawn up to outline our policy. We are a small, professional and friendly firm who will try our hardest to ensure your booking is an enjoyable one.